katgolek Site Global Texture - Noise Background
katgolek Site Global Texture - Noise Background
    Ecommerce banner site mockup
    Ecommerce banner site mockup

Project Details

Shopping and personal styling service

Home page for a concierge shopping and personal styling service for men aged 35-55. Chapar works with premium, well-established, brands and aims to create a capsule wardrobe of interchangeable outfits for each of the seasons, giving the customers guidance and confidence styling each item ready for any occasion.


The Chapar


Landing page design


The Chapar- responsive banner view featuring branding recommendation with choose your size form
Landing page banner opened on laptop
The Chapar responsive landing page design
Example image of well styled man in the street
The Chapar - responsive view on section devoted to savings on wardrobe refresh with featured items vertical swiper on desktop and horizontal swiper on mobile
User  checking upon The Chapar website in the evening
The Chapar - responsive view on how it works section
The Chapar - responsive view for instagram section