katgolek Site Global Texture - Noise Background
katgolek Site Global Texture - Noise Background
    Ecommerce banner site mockup
    Ecommerce banner site mockup

Project Details

Premium and Exclusive Jewelery Brand Home Page Design

Artecorio is a premium NFT luxury Jewellry brand which is based on unique collections, where only few pieces will be produced. After the launch, there will be no further productions. The unique pieces will be the only ones in the market forever which can be verify by their unique NFT. Target audience are: 30-40 years old, high next worth female. Created design style links closer to luxury fashion brands like Channel or Gucci and conveys messages of luxury, simplicity, clearness, meaningfulness and elegance. Project in front-development.




Responsive Landing Page Design & Development


Premium & exlusive NFT Jewelery Collections with guaranteed authenticity for each luxury piece. Desktop & mobile versions of the section. In the background woman trying on on unique jewelry piece.
Shop section: presenting unique collection pieces
Preview section for upcoming future collections:desktop & mobile. In the background woman wearing unique collection earrings
Full desktop and mobile landing page design on the texture background